The 5 Steps of Verisage Custom Software Development
17 January, 2024 by
The 5 Steps of Verisage Custom Software Development
Tiecen Payne

Custom software development is the smart choice for many businesses looking for solutions that scale effectively, save time and money, and provide ownership and control, but the development process and maintenance can sometimes feel daunting. At Verisage, we implement a streamlined software development process that breaks tasks down into manageable goals, with milestones and checkpoints in place for our clients along the way. We follow a simple, 5-step outline:

  1. Ideation: Most projects start when the client has an idea that will improve their business processes and reach out to Verisage to see how they can move forward with development. 

  1. Hypotheses: The Verisage team works with the client to determine the feasibility of their idea by generating a series of hypotheses and experiments of business value creation – tests to determine whether the solution delivers real value to the customer using it. If the test validates the hypothesis, we select the most promising hypothesis to execute and move on to the next phase. 

  1. Implementation: With one or more feasible hypotheses validated, we create an implementation plan. The Verisage team utilizes a scrum/agile approach to consistently deliver value in two week periods as we develop the solution(s). 

  1. Innovation: During the Implementation phase, clients are free to adjust the scope of the project to incorporate new insights gleaned from the development process. We work together to adjust budget and schedule when scope changes. Once we have achieved the desired improvement, we move the project into Support.

  1. Support: Verisage offers ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support as needed. Then, when it’s time to implement version 2, we are ready to go.

Clients often approach Verisage when they have already performed phases 1 and 2 in-house. In these cases, we conduct streamlined Ideation and Hypotheses phases, focused on developing the shared understanding required for successful implementation. Keeping clients tightly integrated into the Implementation and Innovation phases vastly improves the quality of the final result and ensures that the client gets the most value from their relationship with Verisage.

Whether you have a solidified plan in place for improving your business processes, or just the beginning of an idea, Verisage can help you take the project across the finish line. Connect with us to see what your custom software development process will look like.

The 5 Steps of Verisage Custom Software Development
Tiecen Payne 17 January, 2024
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